Will Schumacher (30 Aug 2011)
"Another example of God tying 2 earthquakes together"

Another example of how God has been using numbers. I had just posted on the Peru earthquakes, so I thought I'd share another.   I see this constantly
The 2010 Chile earthquake was on 2/27
It is 819 days before 5-26-12
273 seems to be the church-the firstborn redeemed in num 3:46
God will use other numbers within as a 2nd witness
819=227 + 365 + 227
365-age on Enoch
The 1960 Valdivia, Chile earthquake was the strongest ever recorded
It happened on 5/22/60
121 x 157 days to 5-26-12
522-157=365-age of Enoch again
the 2 earthquakes are separated by 122x 149 days
again 149 is a rapture number
will schumacher