Will Schumacher (24 Aug 2011)
"was 8-21 the beginning of sorrows?"


I was looking at 8-22 because it was day 234 and 234 days inclusive before 4-11-12

234 because of Vincent Tan’s $2.34 change

However 8-21-11 was 234 days to 4-11-12 and  279 days to 5-26-12 or 280 inclusive.  Also  280 days to 5-27-12

40 weeks is considered term for a baby or 280 days

Verse #821 of NT

Matt 24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows

Sorrows=ωδιν odin {o-deen'} akin to 3601; TDNT - 9:667,1353; n f AV - sorrow 2, pain 1, travail 1; 4 1) the pain of childbirth, travail pain, birth pangs 2) intolerable anguish, in reference to the dire calamities precede the advent of the Messiah

Is verse 821 a referral to 8-21-11?

8-22 was the 3 quakes in Trinidad, Colorado-the biggest in 40 years

Trinidad means trinity and sits on the Purgatoire River in Las Animas County

Las Animas County takes its name from the Mexican Spanish name of the Purgatoire River, originally called El Río de las Ánimas Perdidas en Purgatorio, which means "River of the Lost Souls in Purgatory.

8-23 was the earthquake in Virginia the largest in 67 years

It damaged the Washington National Cathedral.

The Washington National Cathedral was started on Sept 29, 1907  It was 37949 days to 8-23-11

37949=137 x 277


8-23-11 is 277 days to 5-26-12

Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the US

Time will tell if 8-21 was the beginning of sorrows.  I expected that whatever day the 234 referred to would be a day of incredible judgement.  However God does not do things the way I always expect Him to
will schumacher