Will Schumacher (10 Aug 2011)
"post 2 if something happens 8-22 + peleg, reu, serug"

So 8-22 seems special

I also thought when Mburak got kicked out on 2-11-11 it was something special because it came out of nowhere, Egypt is symbolic of the world, and the exodus was out of eqypt-a type of rapture.

I also have always thought Peleg and Reu were special because they both die at 239-father and son.  Eber the region beyond and first Hebrew dies 430 years after the birth of Peleg

I just posted that Peleg seems tied to 1335 and 526 and thus the rapture.

I have always thought that something would happen 430 days and/or 239 days before 4-11 or 5-26.  I actually thought peleg meant the division of Jerusalem and 430 days before 4-11 (feb 6, 2011) something would happen pertaining to its division.  Nothing that I know of did-the quartet met the night of feb 5th but I have no idea if that had anything to do with what will happen in the future.

However if something happens 8-22-11 look at what God is doing then.

Feb 11, 2011=Mburak falls (this is the 211 from Camp david accords to 8-22-11)

+ 430 days =4-16-12

8-22-11 + 239 days=4-16-12

4-16 =416 Jared greek gematria

4-16 is day 107

107x2=214 Jared Hebrew gematria

1 thess 4-16-The Lord will descend (Jared means descend) with a shout

4-16-12 is 40 days before 5-26-12

Remember the Lord was presented as the first fruits of the barley harvest.  Once the first fruits were presented then the harvest began-The Holy Spirit indwelling the believer (church) is the barley harvest.   The barley harvest lasts until Pentecost.  It is the close of the barley and beginning of wheat.  The loaves waved before the Lord use wheat that is harvested without a tribulum-they do not go through the tribulation.  The rest of the wheat does.

So after Christ was presented he stayed on earth 40 days.

What if Christ then comes back 40 days before the church is presented on Pentecost-the rapture.

The 40 day period is used repeatedly in the bible

Now back to peleg and reu

Notice Peleg was born 101 years after the flood or 1656 + 101=1757

1757=822 + 113 + 822

1757=211 + 1335 + 211

211=73 + 65 + 73

I have posted before that Reu seems to be tied to 822 through the gematria.  I assumed that meant 4-11-12

But what if Peleg was born on 2-11

Reu is born 8-22

And then Serug is born 4-16-12

Serug means branch-Jesus is called the branch

Serug was born 832 (2 x 416) years after Enoch was raptured tying the rapture and 416 together

Remember Peleg=113 division

July 4, 1776 to 8-22-11=113 x 760

Jerusalem -6-7-67 huge time marker

45 x 365 days to 5-26-12

113 x 145 days to 4-16-12

1335 days before 4-16-12 was 8-20-08.  Flight 5022 crashed that day  5022=31 x 162

5022=2110 + 7 x416


Also something I forgot to post in last post

Vincent Tan's gas fill up was on 12-24-95

1224=8x 153/306

8-22-12 is 6450 days later

645=234 + 411

will schumacher