Will Schumacher (10 Aug 2011)
"8-22 seems to be marked by God-Post 1"

8-22-11 is day 234 and is 234 days inclusive to 4-11-12.

234 seems special because of Vincent Tan-a quick paraphrase for anyone who does not remember

Vincent Tan was visited for the 2nd time by an angel on December 23, 1993.  The angel  gave him a token of appreciation for Vincent to use for filling up for gas the next day 12-24-93.  The gas gauge stopped at $2.34 and didn't move.  When Vincent remembered the token the angel left he opened the envelope and found $2.34

Thus 234=change of some type

My belief is that this is our last day 234 here and if Vincent Tan’s 234 has anything to do with us it will happen that day.

The specialness of 8-22-11

8-02-11 was marked by God by all the Mideast accord dates and man made U.S. disasters tied to it by rapture destruction numbers.  8-02 seems to be the beginning of some type of financial judgement with the downgrade by S&P the the market volatility

8-22-11 is again tied to all the Mideast peace accords and natural disasters this time rather than manmade

Sept 17,1978 Camp David Accords to 8-22-11=12027=57 x 211 (I will talk about 211 later)

Sept 13, 1993 Oslo Accords to 8-22=6552=273 x 24

Sept 28, 1995 Oslo 2 to 8-22=5807=763rd prime 7x109

            5808 inclusive=8x726

Octber 23, 1998 Wye to 8-22=4686=6x 781  781=254+527

            4687 inclusive=43 x109

November 17, 1978 Knesset approved Wye=4662 inclusive=42 x 111

Notice also

Oslo Accords were agreed upon on Aug 20, 1993  16 x 411 days to 8-22-11

Oslo 2 was agreed upon on Sept 24, 1995  39 x 149 days to 8-22-11


8-15-2005-Gaza disengagement to 8-02-11 is 2198 days or 14 x 157

God also has tied the birth of America-July 4, 1776 to its biggest judgements

From july 4, 1776 to 8-22-11=113 x 760

Then notice the earthquakes in California(again this is a speculative post I have no idea what will happen this day)

1906 San Francisco earthquake=38477 days=109 x 353

            38478 inclusive=726 x53

Oct 17, 1989 world series quake=7980 days inclusive=228 x25

Jan 17, 1994 quake=306 x 21 days or 153 x 42

Hurricane Katrina=8 x273 days to 8-22

All I am trying to point out in this post is that God seems to have marked this day-and it is interesting because of Vincent Tan and 234