Vicki (5 Aug 2011)
"Overactive mind, or....a message?"


Hi John and Doves,
O.K. this seems a little crazy to me, you decide.
This morning when my radio went off, the D.J. said  "good morning, it is 6:06, the temperature is a comfortable 66 degrees and the verse for today is found in James 1:5."
Wow, this was kinda weird...6:06.....66.... and 1:5,  1+5=6. In my mind it looked like this:
                    6  0  6
                      6 6
Each side of the"V" contained 3 sixes. I was thinking, how strange, what's the significance behind this. Why would this happen today? Then a thought hit me.....Today is August 4.
OBAMA's BIRTHDAY!!!  I wondered, Oh my goodness God  are You giving some kind of message here?
While thinking about how strange this was, I opened yesterday's mail and about fell over when I opened the phone bill........,the amount due was  84.06!!!  8 (August) 4 (Obama's birth date) and the number 6!!
Is God speaking here??  I wonder...
Look up Doves, our Redemption is near!!
ysic,   Vicki