Vicki (4 Aug 2011)
"To Margie re: I think you will like this"


Oh Margie, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful post!!! You have no idea what this meant to me.
This morning around 6:15 I was sitting on my front porch enjoying God's beautiful creation, and spending time talking to Him. This is how I begin everyday. It's so calm and peaceful in the early morning.  
Two of my children, ages 23 and 21 are so in love with this world. At times they show little glimmers of hope, then they're off and running again in the wrong direction. This morning I was talking to God about how I feel like a mother hen. I pray so fervently for their salvation, and when one of them shows a sign of hope, I picture myself gathering them under my "wing", feeling like "this one"s going to be O.K".But as I gather one, the other one goes running out, again chasing after the world.  Then as I reach out to the one who "escaped", the other one takes off. It's never ending. How I wish they would both be gathered under my wings at the same time. As I was talking to God about this, I heard a sound which I haven't heard in years. It was the calm cooing of a Dove. I sat in silence for a few moments listening to one of God's creatures as it welcomed the morning. While soaking in the beautiful cooing, God reminded me of something. As hard as I try to gather my children under my wings, it will never happen. Only God can gather them to Himself and cover them under the protection of His wings. Picturing them under the cover of His wings was very comforting.
I came in the house and decided to get my daily dose of Doves. When I clicked on your post, I started to weep. That beautiful picture spoke a thousand words. Those two precious babies under the wings of a DOVE!! Only our AWESOME and MARVELOUS God can bring this all together.
Margie, again, thank you, thank you. And a HUGE thank you to my Amazing God who knows exactly what I need, His timing is incredible.....and always perfect.
Have a wonderful day:)
  ysic, Vicki