Vicki (3 Aug 2011)
"Re: Steven Edel Fast forward-satan's seat today"


Hi Steven and Doves,
Wow!! Your post was incredible! More and more the signs seem to be pointing to Obama as the a.c. Although I think many of us have been sensing this for awhile. Thank you so much for all the amazing info!!
Your post reminded me of a verse which I found very interesting. It's found in Ezekiel 20:29. God had been speaking to Ezekiel about the idol worship of Israel. They had offered sacrifices and made offerings which provoked God to anger. These sacrifices and offerings were done when the Israelites had seen any "high hill or leafy tree". A high hill refers to a High Place of worship. The alter of Zeus was a High Place of worship, and sounded like  its original place was on a high hill.
God asks Israel a question in Ezekiel 20:29  "Then I said to them: What is this high place you go to?" (It is called Bamah to this day)     NIV   
Absolutely amazing!!!  A High Place of worship was called Bamah!! To this day!!  
This is written right in God's word!!  There are no lies in His Holy Word!!  Which makes me think, could he be the one?  Hmmm...

Something else I find interesting about this verse is the reference, 20:29. (ok this is just my mind off and running)  The number 29 can be multiplied, 2x9=18. 18 has been mentioned several times on Doves as the number of the anti christ. I happen to believe this too. Sooo  then could we see this chapter and verse as 2018? This makes me wonder, will God destroy the anti christ in the year of the number of his name?? (also Genesis 36 speaks of Oholibamah)  The number 36 when multiplied, 3x6 equals 18!!  Interesting... both places where Bamah and Oholibamah are mentioned equal 18.
Sorry...this ended up WAY longer than I thought it was going to be.
Have a marvelous day Doves!! I can't wait to meet you all in the air :)
   ysic,  Vicki