Valerie Z (27 Aug 2011)
"Washington Monument and Stress Factors"

    Another one of those strange "coincidences" that has to be more than that in the eyes of God!  The biggest news story about the damage caused by the DC earthquake seems to be that the Washington Monument is cracked in several places, and is closed indefinitely!  This massive structure sits in the middle of our capital, and is in the shape of an obelisk, a shape long associated with the Illuminati and the worship of Baal!  I think that just maybe, God is trying to send a message to the Bilderberg Group and their puppet - Obama, but somehow, I don't think they are listening.  Maybe the "mortal wound" will come when this structure collapses on their heads - yet they survive, and continue to ignore the warning!  LOL!  They are just that hard headed.

    As for stress factors, I am referring to personal stress factors, and lately mine are increasing exponentially, as are those of many people I know!  This last month, I have been to 3 funerals, and have 2 more next week!  One of the funerals was for my best friend's husband who died very suddenly.  One of the ones next week is for a teenage boy who was a friend of my daughter's who took his own life on the first day back to school!  My Dad is in a nursing home with late stages of Alzheimer's.  I was recently laid off, and am now looking for work (with a family of 9, we need both incomes, and since my husband works for the same company I did, there is a big concern that he could lose his job soon as well).  A few days after I got my lay-off notice, my mortgage company informed me that they had miscalculated our escrow payments, and would need to increase our monthly payment by $380/month!  All of this within the last month!
    I have been having a few little stress symptoms (a funny feeling in my ear, fatigue, upset stomach, ...) so I went to the doctor to check my blood pressure and see what might help.  The doctor had me speak to the psychologist.  I asked her if she had seen other patients who were suddenly going through a similar situation - several major stress factors all at once, and she said that in the last 2 weeks, she had seen the biggest spike she had ever seen in her career!  Not just typical "Back to School" sort of things, but several major issues all at once!
    God is providing, and we will get through this, but I think it shows that we are all under a strong attack right now.  I am hoping and praying with the rest of you that our time is short, and we will be out of here very soon.  Just keep trusting that God's angels are protecting us, and they are much stronger than Satan's demons!  Just keep the prayers and breathing exercises going, and we will get through this!

Valerie Z.