Tracy Nordin (10 Aug 2011)
"To Kevin Heckle"


Kevin wrote:


I would submit to you that any attempt to reinstate the Temple sacrificial system of flesh and grains for sin, would be an abomination to the Lord who once and for all sacrificed Himself for our sin. By His words and Daniel’s, the Temple shall remain desolate (there shall not be one stone left upon another & desolate until the consummation). 



Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe from what your are saying is that you believe that there will be no 7 year period at the end times where God will be dealing with the Jewish people? And that the Jewish people will not rebuild the temple AND will not reinstate animal sacrifice just as it was previous to the destruction of the temple in 70AD? If this is what you believe, then I can see why you have to interpret Daniel 9:27 the way you do. (Maybe Marty too)

Are you saying that you embrace the “Replacement Theology” mindset?

You have to separate Israel from the Church, or no end times scenario will make sense. When the Rapture occurs, the Dispensation of Grace is over (I bet that word dispensation sent you through the ceiling). After the Church is gone, God will be dealing once again with Israel. He has made an unconditional promise to do so. The final 7 years concerns Israel. It has nothing to do with the Church. When you say “any attempt to reinstate the Temple sacrificial system of flesh and grains for sin, would be an abomination to the Lord who once and for all sacrificed Himself for our sin”, you forget that Israel does not yet know the Lord. But they will at his second coming (at the end of the tribulation). They will build a temple for sacrifice – YES animal sacrifice. Everything predicted in Daniel and Revelation will come to pass. It is God dealing with his “wife” Israel. They will be the recipients of the earthly reign of the “Kingdom of God”. They had their chance when Christ came. He came first for the house of Israel. He performed ALL of the miracles demanded in the old testament prophecies for the Messiah, heal the sick, raise the dead, make the lame walk, etc. He offered them the “Kingdom”, but they refused. This “Kingdom” was the “heavenly and the earthly” They had their chance and they blew it because of their unbelief.  You remember the verse that said “if you accept the kingdom, then John (the Baptist) is Elijah. Jesus was saying that if the nation of Israel accepted him (corporately – and I mean every person in the land) as the Messiah, the John was Elijah, since that is what prophecy demanded.

But, they did not. Their spiritual leaders accused Jesus of performing his miracles through the power of Satan. That is when the “Unforgiveable sin” took place.

(BTW – The unforgivable sin is when the Holy Spirit convicts one of Sin (because he did not believe on me), and that person rejects that message, then there is no hope for salvation, so naturally that person is doomed)

That was the setting aside of Israel and the beginning of the Church. You have to remember that the book of Acts was a transition period between dispensations.

It lasted for 30+ years.  The God given task to Israel to be a nation of Priests and Kings and to proclaim his Word, was passed onto the Church. Jesus is now calling out his Bride, the Church (although not all of the church will be the bride). Jesus will have all of his after the rapture at the Judgement Seat of Christ. This will determine the heavenly portion (that was offered to Israel, which they rejected) that will rule and reign with him during the milliennium. However, Israel (the believing remnant saved during the tribulation) will be ruling in the Kingdom during the millennium   (on Earth, the earthly). The Bride of Christ will return with him to rule during the Millennium in the heavenly.

So, during the millennium, Israel will be the earthly ruler and the Bride will be the heavenly ruler. God will have as his wife Israel, and Jesus will have as his wife the Church (or should I say a portion of the church that did his will, which will be the bride)