Tompson (26 Aug 2011)
"To Randy/Surprising coincidence:  Glenn Beck in Caesarear Ampitheatre....I've been there before""

Interesting to me you said this was a live open amphitheatre.  Last year I had a dream that I posted to the Five doves about the dead in Christ and the rapture. To make a long story short. The dream started with me seeing a man lying on a medical gurney he was dead. Had just died and he was a white man with white hair and glasses heavy set but he was familiar to me. ( I never did figure out who he was at that time though I knew in the dream I knew who this man was) then I see a Large Open Amphitheater. Very old in fact. In this amphitheater I see the dead in Christ sitting down waiting for this one man to die. He was the last person to be considered the dead in Christ that last seat to be taken in the Amphitheater. I saw saints from all ages of time gathered there including my own grandmother's. This man was resurrected in my dream and then I saw all of the saints that were gathered together in that place start to file out....full of the most incredible joy.
Is there a chance Beck is that man, this amphitheater is the amphitheater in my dream?  Oh Wow,now my hair is standing on end.
The one thing I know for sure...Nothing happens in Israel by coincidence this event has a reason more than we all know.
Thanks for your post!