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"Re: Paul Wilson (11 Aug 2011)  "Someone PLEASE Answer Me""

Re: Paul Wilson (11 Aug 2011)  "Someone PLEASE Answer Me"


Many of the doves have used this 360 day = 1 prophetic year rule so it should not me hard to find someone who can tell me where it comes from




Sir Robert Anderson, the Scotland Yard detective during the time of Jack the Ripper who was knighted by the Queen, and whether or not you agree with his chronology, does as good a job as any of explaining why 360 days = 1 prophetic year, (on pages 74-75 (10th edition) of his classic work, “The Coming Prince” as shown below):

Now this seventieth week is admittedly a period of seven years, and half of this period is three times described as "a time, times, and half a time," or "the dividing of times'"* twice as forty-two months;† and twice as 1,260 days.‡ But 1,260 days are exactly equal to forty-two months of thirty days, or three and a half years of 360 days, whereas three and a half Julian years contain 1,278 days. It follows therefore that the prophetic year is not the Julian year, but the ancient year of 360 days.§

(*) Dan. vii. 25; xii. 7; Rev. xii. 14.
† Rev. xi. 2' xiii. 5.
‡ Rev. xi. 3' xii. 6.
§ It is noteworthy that the prophecy was given at Babylon, and the Babylonian year consisted of twelve months of thirty days. That the prophetic year is not the ordinary year is no new discovery. It was noticed sixteen centuries ago by Julias Africanus in his


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