Taylor (16 Aug 2011)
"Update: Jerry Grenough - C2010X"

Most of you are familiar with C2010X (Elenin) discovered by Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin on 12/10/2010.  The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory projection has it arriving at perigee on September 11, 2011.  It may soon therafter reach within .04AU of the earth.  I’m an amateur astronomer as well (it was one of the few college courses I took that I received an ‘A’ in.)
My father, Jerry Grenough, towards the end of his life was very interested in reading the topic of eschatology as related to science and astronomy.  Unfortunately, he missed the endgame.  But it looks to me like we’re right in the middle of it. 
Dr. Byron Glenn, MD of Cape Urgent Care in Cape Girardeau, MO has assisted tremendously in putting together this video on YouTube:
He used an 8-inch Meade in his observations. I know astronomers in New Zealand who confirm his findings.
It is in my opinion hands down the most important 15-Minute synopsis of C2010X and its past and projected seismic influence ever put together in one document.  The CIA Insider who speaks at the latter part of the video has seen the objects through the Hubble.  NASA interestingly is devoting right now 2 hours a day of its STEREO Spacecraft resources (on a 135 degree roll downwards) to observe the entry of this object. 
The only thing I can add, from a Risk Assessment standpoint, is the threat of a Y-Class Solar Flare.  The three major alignments thus far of Elenin/Red Dwarf Star have produced the Chile earthquake (8.8); Christchurch earthquake and the Japan earthquake (9.0).  The next major threat is from a Solar Flare of the Y Class.

Classification – Solar Flares

The biggest flares are X-Class flares. M-Class flares have a tenth the energy and C-Class flares have a tenth of the X-ray flux seen in M-Class flares. The more powerful M and X class flares are often associated with a variety of effects on the near-Earth space environment.  Y-Class exist, but they are off the charts.

Hole in the Magnetosphere

You probably know about the hole in the ozone, but do you know about the hole in the Magnetosphere?  Governor Jesse Ventura did an excellent show on this.
The area around the Earth that extends beyond the atmosphere is called the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere begins at approximately 1,000 km and extends thousands of kilometers into space. The sun and the Earth's magnetic field create this layer.
NASA has recently discovered (THEMIS mission) that the earth’s magnetic field contains a hole, which is ten times larger than they previously believed. The magnetosphere shelters us from solar flares, but the hole is now four times the size of the earth.
National Geographic magazine reported that scientists said, "An unexpected, thick layer of solar particles inside Earth's magnetic field suggests there are huge breaches in our planet's solar defenses."
The article went on to say that during the next solar flares these holes will be responsible for tremendous solar storms.

Risk Assessment

The worst case scenario would happen when a violent CME that accompanies a Y-Class solar flare would both come at us in a 1-2 punch.  Elenin has an electric signature (x-ray signature) 100 million miles across.  There’s no other object in the known universe that’s similar.  And the Red Dwarf Star which it orbits (a close orbit of less than 1AU) is approximately 47,000 miles in diameter and is very dense.  It has the ability to easily obtain magnetic polarity as it passes.  A Y-Class Solar Flare would send the part of the earth exposed to it back to the 1850s.  It would have an EMP effect on all circuitry and electronics.  I worked for a while at the Pentagon and I can tell you only hardened military electronics would survive.