Susan B (4 Aug 2011)
"To Robert- re The Passion of The Christ"

Hi Robert and all Doves
I also thought I would not be able to watch The Passion of the Christ - but I've wanted to see it for a long time - something's been nudging at me - and so last Friday night a Christian friend and I sat and watched it together.
I am really glad I saw it.  Although I wept through most of the movie it depicted - very simply - exactly what Jesus went through to gain for us salvation.  There's nothing wrong with tears over His suffering - in fact I would be very surprised if any Christian person did not weep their way through most of this film.  There is just something about seeing rather than reading than can make a huge impact.
For my part - I simply hope that the movie brought many people to Christ - and I know it was the intent of Gibson who directed and produced it to do so.
I also liked the simplicity, the strict adherence to Scripture for the most part -  and the small "flashback" scenes in the film - the most beautiful being where Jesus stopped the stoning of Mary Magdalene.
Sometimes I think we need to come to the point of weeping over the greatest sacrifice ever made - I don't regret seeing it and I would recommend it....tears and all.
ysiC, Susan