Susan B (27 Aug 2011)
"Re: Confirmation heard by Holy Spirit"

Dear Doves,
I rarely have dreams/visions or anything like that.  However, last night whilst in prayer - and then during my normal time after of "listening" to the Holy Spirit that indwells us all who believe in Jesus Christ - I distinctly heard " major earthquake (then) time is up".  That was all - I asked for a confirmation and got on the doves site and saw all the postings about EQ's and hurricanes etc.  Im here in Australia and don't often watch the news so it was a shock.   It made a big impression on me that the earthquake would be HUGE.  I have no idea where - they were the only words I heard and in my experience when I hear from the Holy Spirit it is concise and brief.
I believe we are so very close to the Rapture - perhaps even before any of the Jewish feast days in September - on a day that we think not.....
ysiC, Susan.