Steve W (23 Aug 2011)
"Melisa Costa   Bothered and Bewildered about Heaven"

Melissa said:
Dear Doves,
Several posters have recently sent me to view some wonderful "what is heaven like" videos and now I am upset.  One said that I must be holy, without blemish.  I thought being born again and covered in the atoning blood of Christ was the only way to be holy and without blemish.  I certainly cannot achieve it on my own...though I do try.  The same guy said I must give to the poor, tithe, and make offerings....that the more I do this, the bigger my heavenly bank account, mansion, and easier my "task" will be in heaven.  Wow....I don't know how to respond to that.  I do give (of my time, my talents, my prayers, and yes my money too), but I do it to help others and to serve my Lord.  I am not doing it to "get more in heaven" or to "lighten my load" there.  This all sounds works based to me.  So what am I to assume about the rest of his vision/visits?  Are they real?  Am I wrong?  I'm not visiting the Lord every day in visions/visits.  In fact, I've never had a waking vision.  This guy further states that only a few thousand are going in the rapture with very, very few comig from the United States.  I only mention the last because I live here and therefore that part impacts me.  So, from that and the fact that I'm not living up to the standards this guy says I must live up to, I guess I'm not going in the Rapture.  BUT, my understanding of our Lord is so vastly different from this man's.  Yet, I am not receiving the confirmations that he apparently is.  Please help me to understand this better.
In Christ,
Hi Melissa,
Be careful of all these so called visions and dreams that people have. Most are false and really go against the Word of God. You are right my dear. Jesus did it all, paid for it all, and there is not one thing we can do
to earn the gracious gift of Eternity. It's scandalous, but that's our wonderful Savior. Rest in His word, not the words of mortal men. What is different about Christianity from all the other cults and religions is that
in Christianity we are freely given our eternal home (no strings or works attached). Every other cult and religion says that man must "do" something to earn Heaven. Even some well meaning Christians think that
we have to sin less, work more, attend church without fail, and the list goes on and on. Is that not exactly like the Pharisee's Jesus encountered ? Jesus totally blew their works based religion out of the water.
He wanted their hearts, not their heads. They couldn't comprehend such a thing. Yes, it’s all free and a gift. He's the Savior, not us. Again rest in His Word. This will bring the peace you need.
Steve W.