Steven Prieur (8 Aug 2011)
"Watch to see where this is going!"

This is a good indicator how Hillary Clinton might come to power and be the next President. As much as i dislike the thought of Her becoming president. She carries a lot of hitting power. The GOP has to many tring to get the nomination to run for office and it is turning into a rat race that many do not like to watch. In a time when govenment officials are at an all time low in poplularity and are not trusted. My question to everyone here is what role will this play in our short future here. I was convinced for the longest time that Obama is the anti-christ. But prior to him arriving when knowone even knew who he was, i was convinced Hillary was the one. Here me out on this , i am wide open for dicussion on this.
 She But that is not for this discussion. I truely believe and have for quite some time that she could walk right into the United Nations and they would elect her Leader in a vote with out and conflict.She would make promisess (lies) that would please everyone. Turn our miltary power over to the UN (as she has stated many times in the past). Thus pleaseing our enemies. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and the Arab League. the day is coming when everyday Americans will take up arms in a revolt to take back America from the corruptness that has Wasington and our Country on it's last breath. Our Enemies are making preparation for invasion on american soil. Many live in a dream work that say that can never happen. Well it is going to happen. China is waiting for the opportune moment to due so. With the partnership of the nations mentioned is coming sooner that i would like to think. make no mistake about it it WILL HAPPEN. AMERICA'S TIME HAS COME.  AMERICA'S TIME IS DONE AS THE WORLDS ONLY SUPER POWER! What all the creditable news channels research for your self after that. China is not our friend. One more war far from home say the Korean mess?One more conflict where we send more troops. We are vulnerable, and they all know it!
Research, pray, and please comment back , all the in site i can get back would be great. I really think this scenario is whats in the works for America. This link is really good. I pray often for America, Five doves and its readers. I hope my emails though they are few help out others. I am beginning to read more now that i have received inpatient treatment for my PTSD.
God Bless everyone,
God Bless America

Steven P