Steve Mullin (25 Aug 2011)
"Dr Eby's Near Death Experience & Homes in Heaven"

After reading some of the posts on here about homes in heaven, I remembered a part in Dr. Eby's NDE about it. Here is that part:
"Now, my Son, to answer your question: Paradise is a holding tank for the souls who have accepted me as their savior simply by faith in my having laid down my life to redeem them from the curse of sin. I prepared a new place for each of them, as I had promised. It is one of my gifts of mercy and grace, that their joy may be full! Here they become one with me, completing the talents which I gave each one so that each can function as a distinct member in my body.

"Paradise is also my heavenly school for perfecting the saints. You must be taught how to become priests and kings in my kingdom so as to teach others to worship My Father in spirit and in truth. I am your teacher renewing your mind to comprehend the greatness of our unsearchable riches of grace and mercy and love for all."

He paused from his exciting explanation to let me gasp.

Another query burst from my mind to his: "Do you mean, Jesus, that each of your children in paradise has a separate place just for his particular enjoyment?"

"Yes, my son! Didn't you read in my book that I would go to prepare a PLACE?! not a commune, nor a kibbutz; not a tenement nor a tract house? It would be a place fit for providing the abundant joys and fulfilled dreams and talents of each child, as a new creature, My joint heir! Each person is unlike any other, except that I am in each one, perfecting, teaching, sanctifying. Each of their abodes reflects the perfection of the purposes and promises for which I prepare my people and places!

"I know my sheep, just as they know my voice. I made them. Heaven is so large that I have unlimited space for each one's paradise, a place of his own. This is just a tiny portion of heaven. I have limitless plans. I think of paradise as my sheepfold; I am its gate!