Steve Mullin (25 Aug 2011)

You have to wonder a little about the earthquakes in DC and in Colorado yesterday. People who have lived in DC for a long time have said that a quake like that hasn't happened in 30 plus years. And then the following from Colorado:
A 5.3 magnitude earthquake, the biggest in the state in some four decades, shook Colorado late on Monday in an area of the United States where quakes are rare, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Tuesday. (From Reuters in Washington).
These quakes aren't necessarily large in magnitude, but the fact that they haven't occurred in 30-40 years should make one think. In addition, today there was a 7.0 magnitude quake in Peru.
There are 2 points I'd like to make. First, the Lord likens the end times to birth pangs. They will increase dramatically in frequency and intensity as the rapture approaches. Secondly, with the approaching of Elenin and possibly Nibiru or Planet X in its wake, these events should be watched closely. What if we start seeing 7.0 quakes more and more in the coming days? Could be telling us that the Lord is about to take us home. The way the pieces are coming together, I would personally put the chances of the rapture happening by the end of 2012 at 90%. Having been born again in 1999 and watching closely ever since, I've never felt so confident that all of the pieces are coming together. Though I haven't shared many of the dreams I've had during the last year or so, I've seen a ton of water where there was no water before. In my dreams, I've been in high rise hotels on the beach as a 100 ft wave has approached. Wake up shaking because of it. I also remember thinking while I was dreaming/seeing a vision to try to read the names of the boats or watercraft so I could look them up when I woke up.
Yesterday, I had a dream and my older brother Bob who is also born again was in it. I saw a bright coin with the word Israel around its edges and Tel Aviv in the lower right hand corner. I told him about it and he said immediately that he knew why. Our pastor Mac Hammond here in MN was leaving for Tel Aviv right after service Sunday to be a part of Glenn Beck's message in Israel. I feel I am grounded in scripture and trying the spirits is not too hard for me. If what they say lines up with scripture, I'm fine, and if it doesn't I feel uncomfortable. I do feel uncomfortable at times when he seems to promote a future and religion that doesn't line up with the Bible, but I think he is seeking truth. Just my opinion. Anyway, this next 40 or so days could be huge. Exciting times,
Steve Mullin