Steve Coerper (8 Aug 2011)
""Birdsong" - an illustration of the significance of your life"
Dear John and Doves:
Larry Bryant is a Christian musician (among other things).  In 2009 he completed and released a project called "Birdsong" which is, as far as I know, unique.
I will let Larry describe the project in his own words:

It started as a dream more than ten years ago-the desire to feature birds' beautiful voices in real songs, not just use them in the background for ambience. Real music, as if you'd put a microphone in front of them with a live orchestra. Original songs, written just for these birds to sing.

To begin the project, hundreds of bird calls were collected from the best bird recordists in the world. Each one was edited into shorter, usable sections, then processed to remove background noise. To maintain a filing system, all recordings were also catalogued by type, beats-per-minute and pitch.

Next, starting with the birds that sounded the most interesting, songs were written around them, allowing each bird's natural melody and rhythm to dictate the direction of the song. Complementary bird voices were painstakingly added by matching tone, pitch and rhythm as closely as possible. Doing so resulted in some songs taking a more melodic path and others developing a more rhythmic feel. No pre-existing compositions were used-all music on Birdsong was inspired by and written expressly for these birds to sing.

Great respect was shown each original bird recording. No pitch-shifting was used, and nearly-imperceptible timing adjustments were made to fewer than five of the original recordings. Every call and song you hear on Birdsong was actually made by a real bird at some point in time.

I wrote to Larry and said,
Spent a few minutes talking about the spiritual beauty I see in the concept on today's program.  Psalm 19, to be sure, but also the illustration in the natural of how each of us is a vital part of God's "mosaic" - that even though our little part in this adventure called "life" may seem insignificant (my chirps, bleats, and efforts), that when the Artist takes our part and blends it with the rest, He produces something that He sees as beautiful and VERY significant.
To Him be the glory!
Psalm 150 says, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" and I believe everything that has breath does.  We only need 1) hear it, and 2) participate in it.  I have received permission from Larry to play one of these songs on my program on Monday, August 8th.  I invite you all to check it out.
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