Steve Coerper (3 Aug 2011)
"The Thundering Silence"
Dear John and Doves:
Daniel Eggers has succinctly expressed the prophetic connection between the disastrous drought currently being endured in the U.S. and our ongoing national delight with everything God abhors.  Here's the picture:
Daniel wrote:
The problem in the United States of America isn't the drought or even her astronomical debt addiction; these are merely two of the many discernible symptoms vital to correctly diagnose her disease.  The problem with the United States of America is found simply in her tolerance and love for sin.  We are witnessing the ground crumbling under an empire.  Few, if any, empires before her have reached such levels of wantonness before their own end. The United States of America has called for her own sentence; she has sentenced herself to death through her insatiable yearning to reach further into wickedness and decadence, a state that has not come without attention, but through her flagrant ravenous rebellion.x
We are all properly excited about leaving this planet and entering the presence of the Lord, but let's bear in mind that He takes no delight in the death of the wicked.  This insight should spur us all on to complete the work given to us, before the night comes and no man can work.
Please check out his link.
Very best,
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