Stan (24 Aug 2011)
"Re: Deb Are you feeling this?"

I am sure you will find you are not alone in this feeling. I too, have felt the Lord's prompting to seek a closer walk with him. Just simply because of the days we now live. It is also very natural for you to have the desire to escape all of this on the earth right now. It makes complete sense that the closer we do get to Jesus, the more we want to be with him. So don't feel guilty about your motivations. Here is the thing, it is a discipline thing, at first, to spend quality (lots of it) time with the Lord. I know for me it was very difficult starting out, but now I have reached a point that I long for that time and look forward to it daily. The more time I spend the more I want, I only want his presence on me and in my life, each and every moment. I have a very close friend who always gives me a couple of encouraging words whenever we hang up from talking on the phone. I leave you with the same words..........Keep your knees bent and your chin up!....Also.........Get close to the Lord and STAY CLOSE!