Stan (22 Aug 2011)

Recently the Lord led me to get away by myself and seek him. I checked myself into a hotel for two days and nights. I earnestly sought his presence in that time, never leaving the room or eating in that time. The second night as I lay on the bed face down I wept before the Lord and as the weeping subsided a picture formed in my mind of the number 82. I sought the Lord for what this might mean. He spoke to me and said that within this number lies many secrets of his kingdom. For the next two hours all I could think of was many different mathematical calculations based from, out of or in this number.

So I ask those members of the Doves to lend me a helping hand here. I do not completely understand the Gematria but feel this may help me in understanding what it is he wants me to.

Thank you Doves for your help!