Sonchild (5 Aug 2011)
"Re: Shelva's post on her Church Home"

Thanks for sharing with us on your church home. Uplifting to say the least! While we all need pastors and places where we can meet together, somehow it isn't the same for me as meeting physically together
and working together, helping each other and those who come to that meeting group in person.
It will definitely serve some well as some are great distances and some nearby will be shut ins and cannot
go to the meetings as they would like to.
I love sermons that remind us with scripture that obedience to God is better than a sacrifice. I love it when we are reminded of the many Words of God instead of a
pastors words. Such a difference.
The last church we attended regular turned out to be a big disappointment to us.
A huge church, which is fine, but other things lacking that we should have been doing
or have opportunity to work within the framework of the church along with our brothers
and sisters...what a joy.Serving each other and visitors and surrounding community.
That's serving God and gives God joy as well as we and those who were helped in
whatever way they might need.
When the Word of God is taught , we are lifted up and never put down. I do understand what you are saying.
Praying now for a nearby church to attend and work on and pray with and enjoy
fellowship with others who go there. Pray with us that we will soon be led to the very
group God wants us to be with.