Shelva Sirry (6 Aug 2011)
"With All Due Respect To Joseph Farah Re: Rick Perry"

First of all even if Gov. Perry had said he was ok with same-sex marriage, that does not mean he cannot hold that personal view and still be saved by the blood of Jesus and be a real Christian. We real Christians do not believe all the same things. For example; Christians who do not believe in abortion will say it is ok in the case of pregnancy resulting because of rape. NO. Either it is murder or it is not. NO situation ethics. But, I know good Christians who honestly believe that is acceptable to God.
Now to the truth of the matter: Dear Brother Farah, you are wrong! I believe it is an honest mistake on your part but you misread what Gov. Perry said. He did NOT say same-sex marriage is ok with him. When Perry said about New York, "that the issue is their business, and that's fine with me" Perry was saying only that it is fine with him that the state is using their right to decide on an issue for their state.
Perry has signed a same-sex marriage ban in the past. Thursday Perry said on Christian radio "that same-sex marriage is obviously...NOT fine with me." He stated that while he supports states rights, he supports a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. He also supports a Federal ban on abortion. I know of no other politician who has taken such a strong stand in office for his Christian beliefs. (And believe me, if Perry runs for President in 2012, that and this prayer rally will cost him the nomination!)
Non Christian faiths are speaking out against this event because it is TOO Christian. Muslims are against it. Athiests are against it. Pro-death people are against it. Many of these same groups are planning to picket the event. With all this godless opposition can anyone really tell me they think God will not honor and bless these prayers? Really?
One broadcast said God would not hear the prayers nor bless The Response because Believers were unequally yoked with unbelievers. Not so. Unbelievers do not fast. And joining someone in prayer at a one time event is not yoked either. Our God knows how to seperate the wheat from the tares. He knows each heart of those joining in corporate prayer. Those people who may not be the real deal will not hold back God's blessings on those who are sincere in their prayers for our land.
Satan wants us all divided against each other. Jesus said, "a house divided against itself cannot stand." Are we just going to hand over America to the devil because we all don't believe every little thing the same? God said in the Word that we need to "GROW UP into Christ" and I think it is high time we do so. Stop this "I'm so right and you are so wrong". Until we can all come into the unity of the faith and the hand can say to the foot, "I have need of you" and respect our different places in the Body, God is disgusted with each one who refuses to do things His way.
Dear Ones, please stop listening to all those who criticize everything. Pray about what you should do and follow God. He is the only One who knows it all and can guide us. Be led by the Holy Spirit. Let Him do His job. God looks upon the heart. With that He will overlook our small mistakes, if we get involved with the wrong crowd but with the right motive. He will move mountains for US even if others involved are not truly sincere! "Ye have not because ye ask not." He is waiting for someone to ASK. Can't we at least do that for our Country?
May God bless us, one and all, who stand for Him.