Shelva Sirry (4 Aug 2011)
"To Those Who Do Not Have A Church Home"

Brothers & Sisters,
I too have had times I could not find a church to attend that did not beat the sheep. Where I felt worse as I left the building than when I came in. I understand those who have given up on church.
Now, however, thanks be to God, He has led me to a wonderful spirit filled Baptist Church. Guess that makes me Bapticostal. This Pastor does not preach judgemental sermons but does not water down the Word. He believes in the Rapture. He is always saying "God told me" something. Not used to Baptists knowing they can hear from God. Was pleasantly surprised. We have a great youth ministry for those who might like to share this with their children online. Now when I leave church I am uplifted by the people, worship music, the sermons, and the loving personality of the Pastor. My whole week goes better when I have been to this church.
We all need spiritual food. Good meals here at Doves but sometimes we need even more. I want to share my church with you. The sermons are streaming video and anyone can have access. Just search the website for various sermons going back for several years. The website is: From there I think they have a Home button. If not, I think it is This is in Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Virginia.
As an aside for the heart of CH Baptist Church: Each summer they have a Work/Witness Day. Last summer we chose schools that needed tlc and we painted for them, did landscaping, general clean-up, etc. 600 people showed up to make a difference in 5 communities! They have gone down town and cleaned the windows for businesses and cleaned parking areas. All is free of charge and they accept no pay for this. When asked why we do this people are told basically, "This is what Jesus would have us do. Christianity is about example not words. We just want to be a blessing to you" or similar words. The feedback has been wonderful. People say they did not know Christians did such things or were about so much giving. The church truly expects nothing in return except that people know where they can go and be loved, that they see Jesus in us. And also leaving a good impression of Christianity for a change.
Please come to fellowship with CHBC online. If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at
Would love to hear from you.