Scott Finley (10 Aug 2011)
"I Realized Something.......Please Read"

Hey guys. I saw something a few months ago that didn't hit me until just now.

As in the days of Noah........
The first time the earth was destroyed it was with water. The next time will be with fire according to the Bible.

Who warned of the destruction with water the first time? Noah did. Well the way I see it. The next time it will be destroyed by the sun. "When the elements will melt with fervent heat." With fire.

Who would be the one to warn of an incoming solar flare? NOAA! Noah warned of the destruction with water and Noaa will warn of the destruction with fire.

One letter difference in the name yet when you say it probably sounds exact. Hmmmmmm...... The sun is awful unstable the last few days and is getting worse. As is the economic situation.

On the edge of sudden destruction with the economy and nature....... Now is the time for them to get the economy back on track and a peace treaty in the middle east so they will say "Peace and Safety."