Steve Bolesta (20 Aug 2011)
"Steve Bolesta-Prayer Request"

Fellow prayer warriors of the Five Doves. My daughter, Kim has asked me to engage all the prayer warriors that I can on behalf of her friend Emma’s one and a half year old daughter, Zoey.

Yesterday, she had a CT scan at Wesley and they were able to determine that the cancer is confined to her neck only, which is good news.  They have diagnosed it as a type of cancer called neuro-endocrine, however, I guess this type is typically found in older adults and in the abdomen area, so this has them wondering if perhaps it's another type. We are told they should have all the test results in today and a better picture of what's going on, then will meet with Dr. Rosen, the pediatric oncologist here in Wichita.  Emma and Andy are considering getting a second opinion, quite possibly at a children's cancer hospital in Atlanta, so that they are confident on the course of treatment and how to proceed.
The tumor is on the right side of Zoey's neck, under the ear, and down the neck.  We would all appreciate your prayers for Zoey and the Brickley family, for wisdom on how to proceed with treatments, and for complete physical healing for this little girl.

I will give you updates as they progress. Please feel free to pass this to any prayer chains, you may know or to which you may belong.


Kim and I thank you.