SBC (5 Aug 2011)
"To Leigh"

Sister Leigh,

Thank you so much for directing me to the place in Dr. Owuor’s magazine where the advertisement for the upcoming Geneva conference is placed.  As it so happened, I did so want to see the words for myself that I kept on searching until I finally found them.  When I saw them, I was so excited that I stared and meditated on them for a long time.  I soaked them up like a thirsty traveler upon finding water in a desert.  Thanks for bringing the advertisement to my attention because I knew what to look for.  I have been following Dr. Owuor closely for the last several years and try not to miss anything he has said because I identify closely with his teachings although I rely on the Holy Spirit to screen what people say   since He was sent to be our teacher.  I go to bed at night mulling over those three words and especially the first one ‘the’ hoping that it has anchored our long search for the rapture date.  To me, those hopeful words are pregnant with a very real possibility that we are on the threshold of the birth of our manifested glory.  Hallelujah!  It would be so wonderful to depart and be with our beloved Jesus.  Again I thank you for your assistance and answering my request.  Hope to meet you very soon.

In anticipation of seeing the Lord shortly,