Sarah (31 Aug 2011)
"Re: michele kennedy 30 days to the bathroom"


Last week I had some unusual strange(?) encounters with the Lord.  I've only been a Christian for about three years and come from an 'Achristian' upbringing.  No God, no church and definitely no Jesus. I became addicted to cocaine by the age of 19 and lived the life of a strung-out-gypsy-junkie whore until I was 29.  I've always gone against anything considered normal or mainstream, bucking the system at every turn, a rebel through and through.  I still am to some degree, however, I consult with my Beloved Jesus before all.  I said all that to say that because of my wild life and wild ideas, when Jesus whispered in my ear no less than three times last week, SEPTEMBER 13, after a very intimate encounter with Him, at which time I also emphatically enquired of Him the date He was going to come get me off this dirt rock...I was excited, but let doubts assail me as to who's voice it was whispering to me the date.   It was a soft gentle male voice.  However, the ever-present skeptic in my head reminded me that even the devil himself can masquerade as an angel of light.

Your bathroom dream has caused my eyes to see the glass that's always half empty, to appear wonderfully half full, so thanks for sharing!

the least of these, ysiC,