Sandra (10 Aug 2011)

John and Doves
I just want to thank Ron Reese for his excellent last post!!! I always look out for your posts, because I believe they are Holy Spirit inspired and to the point.

I want to share a recent dream with the doves.

It came in 3 parts.

Part 1
I was at home in my kitchen when a young woman approached me, asking for food. She was young, thin and looking desperate. I gave her some fruit. Then I thought maybe I should make her a sandwich, which I then proceeded to do.

Part 2

I was on a friend’s farm in the Free State. The landscape there is flat and dry. My mother and I were walking down a dirt road watching the sun set. I looked to my right and saw in the distance, an enclosure with a lion in. I said to my Mom :  “Look a lion.” But she didn’t seem to notice. I again said : “Look, Mom, a lion”, but again she didn’t reply.

Then we entered the farm house. I peeked out the door just to see the last of the sun setting. When I looked out the door I saw a dark cloud, much like a tornado in the far distance. I was unsure what to do and pondering this when I eventually decided to tell the farmer. He looked out the door and started shouting “TSUNAMI”. All the people present started screaming and running around in a panicked state. I saw that between the running people, were wolves and I yelled: “Keep the wolves away from the people!!!”, I turned and looked out the door again and saw a tsunami, a solid wall of water, at least 5 stories high approaching!!


Part 3

Between the running people I saw the young woman again. She was on her knees and her mother was literally banging her head on the ground. I was very shocked. Suddenly I was running and the young woman was running next to me. We had to activate some sort of device and she seemed to know what to do. I then decided that no matter what happens, I am not letting her go back where she came from and I am not leaving her behind.

End of dream.

 I wish to share some thoughts on this dream :

Part 1

I am unsure who the young woman represents. Maybe, the unsaved. I offered her fruit, but then gave her a sandwich (bread of life).

Part 2

The sun is setting, the night is falling. The lion represents the Lion of Judah, visible from afar. My Mother cannot see the lion, maybe, the church, that cannot see the soon coming of Christ.

The dark cloud, trouble approaching. At first I am unsure what to do, but I then tell the farmer. The farmer represents a pastor or preacher. He immediately recognizes the signs and declare that the wrath of God is upon is. Then everyone panicks . There are wolves (false preachers) roaming between the people. The tsunami is approaching, the wrath of God.

Part 3
The young woman is being ill treated by her Mother, the church does nothing to encourage the unbelievers, but actually ill treat them. I do not want the young woman, to be left behind, at the rapture.

I would appreciate any comments