Rowina (27 Aug 2011)
"To Jim on "union thuggery""

Jim, you quote the Bible which says that while the "heathen rage", God laughs.

You equate the heathen with "union" thugs.  I am here to tell you that not all union members are thugs.  There has been fraud and manipulation by union bosses,
as we are well aware.  But the rank and file are not usually "heathen", let alone criminal thugs.

My grandfather was a famous union organizer for the Railwaymen's Union, and went to jail for union organizing, with the three other officers of the national union,
who had struck the Pullman company.  In jail, my grandfather is reported to have read the Bible, Shakespeare, and Karl Marx (this was reported by the famous
newshen Nelly Bly, who interviewed the officers while they were in prison).  Now we all know that we do not like Karl Marx, but my grandfather was learning, trying
to figure things out.  And he did read the Bible.  And he did read Shakespeare, although Irving Stone, in his novel "Adversary in the House" (a novel about one of the more famous organizers who was in jail with my grandfather, Eugene Debs) said that Grandpa was "an illiterate red-haired Irishman."  How's that for assuming that
all working class red-headed Irishmen are illiterate?  

My grandfather's children also read Shakespeare for entertainment, and played musical instruments.  They had to quit high school (five of them) when their dad
died in a subsequent rail accident, but they put my mom through journalism school.  She was Phi Beta Kappa.  They were all smart, just couldn't afford an education.

Were my grandfather still here, he would be disgusted with what his happened to our education system and how both unions and education have been used s
ill.  But please do not assume that all union officers are or were thugs.  I was a union officer at one time, as was my grandfather, my husband, my aunts and uncles,
and my son would be one if they had one for physicists at the National Laboratory.  He has a picture on his mantle of his grandfather Martin Elliott in jail with Debs.
And he is not the spawn of thugs.