Rowina (25 Aug 2011)
"Thank you, Michael Colunga, for clarifying the Two Houses"

Yes, Michael, I believe it is as you say.  The Two Houses of Israel will become "one stick" as in
Ezekiel, and as in John 10, the "sheep you know not of " (the gentiles) will become part of that
flock.  When I presented the opposing opinion, which many believe, that the Church and the Jews
will always be separate, I was asking for clarification.  I don't know when this melding into one flock
may happen but I assume it could be at the Second Coming.

In that case, there would be no separation in the Church living in the New Jerusalem, with the Jews
living on the Earth.  Although I suppose the two could be considered the One Flock of Jesus the Lord
even if they lived apart, and visited.

Thank you.  I do not like the concept the the Jews always being separate from the Church.

I appreciate you presenting this explanation, very much.

Mariel Rowina