Rowina (24 Aug 2011)
"To Bruce on my "mansion" in Heaven"

My mansion's primary focus will be on entertaining friends.  I expect many to come by, to sit by my fireside or on my veranda.  My veranda overlooks a waterfall,
a small waterfall about 12 feet high, which pours into a network of streams, as in a "Japanese garden".  Behind the mansion is the meadow that Jan and I have
talked about on Doves, where our animal friends play.  

It is important to me that my mansion will be the same mansion as that of my husband on earth.  I know we are not married to our earthly partners in Heaven,
but I am sure that Irv would want to share my mansion with me, and that, if things are as I request of the Lord, Irv will be there.

Old acquaintances whom I have not seen in a long time will be there, especially relatives of mine whom I knew well in this life, and some that I didn't know well,
and a few that I never met.  My father's aunt Jesse will be there, with her nine children and her husband; I never met Jessie, although she lived in the same town
as we did, because there was a rift between my father's family and Jessie's family over Jessie marrying a Catholic.  I met some of Jessie's grandchildren at the funeral of her youngest son, and I found them to be a wonderful family, and I hope to know them better.  My aunt Helen, especially, will be there, who was my alternate mother in this life.  The front door of my mansion will always be open in case a visitor comes down the path, and my back door will be open in case an animal visits from the meadow.

Inside the house, there will be several small fountains and waterfalls, as I love these in any size, and some of them will be statues of animals with water pouring from their mouths, as one sees in the great gardens of Rome.  Wonderful breezes will blow through the house from outside, and even from the Throne of God, always
reminding us of where we are, His Place.

There will be ever-changing perfumes in the house, in the air, and I will be able to breathe them all, in contrast to my "sensitivity" to them here.  No more fear of

Of course this mansion is MY design, but I expect Jesus has been working on it for some time, and it may be utterly surprising. In fact, it is bound to be utterly
surprising, since we know so little of what Heaven is exactly like.  How wonderful to have Jesus come to my house and sit in the armchair across from me and
any other guests I have that day.  

My network of streams leads into streams going to others' homes, and finally leading to the Throneroom of God, so on many days there will be a flotilla of
neighbors, with picnic baskets, moving on the water toward His big mansion, where we will be His guests on His meadow.