Rowina (20 Aug 2011)
"to Ron Reese--please explain what you mean in your Aug 19 letter by Two Houses"

You speak of the Two Houses of Israel being united in the womb of Virgo in late September, a sign in the Heavens.
Are you referring to the Jews and the Church (which is what some people think is the Two Houses) or are you referring
to the House of Judah (Jews) and their Jewish brethren the House of Israel, which is scattered among the nations?

Some Bible scholars think of the Church and the Jews as completely separate.  They believe the Church will NOT be
with the Jews during the Tribulation, but will be in Heaven awaiting the Millennium with Jesus.  They believe that
the Church will always be separate from the Jews, dwelling in Heaven (or the New Jerusalem) while the Jews rule
the Earth under the Lordship of their Messiah, now recognized as Yeshua.

Thanks for clarifying this.