Rowina (2 Aug 2011)
"Further thoughts on Tu B'Av"

The 15th of Av, celebrated in Israel as a sweetheart's day, a good day for weddings.

Based on the Biblical story of how the small remnant of Benjamin, left from war between
the other tribes and Benjamin, "snatched" their brides on this day.

The story tell us that the other tribes of Israel had nearly wiped out the tribe of Benjamin
in vengeance for a crime committed by some Benjamites.  The other Israelites had
promised never to let their daughter marry men of Benjamin, but now they realized,
after the slaughter, that there were only 600 men of Benjamin left, and very few brides
available for even these 600.  How to provide Jewish brides for this remnant, and not
break their vow to not give brides to Benjamin?

It was the custom for the virgins to dance in a festival, near a forest, on the 15th of Av,
in praise of the Lord.  This was not a pagan festival, according to scripture, but "dancing
to the Lord."

The Israelite elders figured that if the men of Benjamin hid near where the dancing occurred,
they could "snatch" brides from among the dancers.  Thus Benjamin could be preserved.

One interesting thing is that the girls dancing were from all the other tribes, so the men of
Benjamin would be marrying wives from all the tribes.  This is interesting, to realize that
this day provided a "snatching" from among ALL the tribes, according to the story.  Thus
Benjamin became a tribe which was related more closely to all other tribes.

If the Lord were to snatch his Church on this day, he would be taking them from all the
tribes which exist in the world, wherever there are saints who follow Him.  His bride would
thus be made up of white, black, yellow, red, and brown people.  Many of these people
probably do have "Jewish genes" from way way back.  Most of us have these genes, and
can trace their probable descent or actual descent, and there are stories of Jews wandering
far into every corner of the world, even to China, in ancient as well as modern times.  So
the wanderers to many lands will be among the Bride of Christ who are redeemed at the
rapture.  Glory to God if this happens on Tu B'Av.