Robert Belanger (8 Aug 2011)
"Thanks Veronica"

Dear Veronica,

I appreciated reading your message of warning. I sensed a deep sincerity in your words and joy that Jesus will soon return for those that love Him and that He loves so much.

It is difficult to get some people to take a message like yours about being ready by accepting Jesus' salvation message and asking Him to come into their heart. Truly, the Holy Spirit must be given all the credit for opening our spiritual eyes so that we can accept so great a salvation. Since Adam and Eve, we were spiritually dead. Dead means incapable of hearing and understanding anything.

I rejoice, with you Veronica, in the salvation we have accepted. I also grieve that so many are still dead in their sin nature. I pray for the Holy Spirit to open their eyes. Only then will they be able to heart and understand our pleas to get ready, before it is too late.

I understood your warning. I am trying my best to be ready and appreciate your concern. May the Lord bless and keep you in these last days and thereafter reward you for your efforts.

With love in Christ,