Robert Belanger (31 Aug 2011)
"Re: McAllister - Elenin, Niburu, Planet X, Day of Lord"

Comet Elenin Nibiru Planet X & The Day of The LORD
Dear Scott,
Your video is very informative and helpful to those who have little time to gather all the available data and sort out what is true and untrue. You did a wonderful service to all believers who view your video. Thanks for the impressive production!
I watched the video twice and made notes during the second viewing with approximate times to help those with a limited time for prophecy study. That way, better than missing the whole video, they can watch what interests them most.
Again, thank you so very much for a valuable service.
Index to Video by Jim McAllister
Time     Description
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0:00:00 Introductory remarks by Scott McAllister
0:01:50 Is Elenin a comet or a brown dwarf star?
0:04:37 The Day of the Lord, peace and safety,thief in the night 1 Thess. 5:1-11
0:06:36 We should not fear with the helmet of salvation
0:08:40 Controvery over the reality of Leonid Elenin
0:10:30 Operation Paper Clip, 1500 Nazi rocket scientists USA
0:13:40 WISE our best space telescope turned off in Feb. 2011
0:15:17 NASA warns employees about danger
0:18:09 White House warns of Near Earth Objects
0:18:45 Solar flares appear in opposite direction
0:19:19 Comet Elenin C/2010 X1 or 11133-GCN on Google Earth site nasa gov
0:21:15 Large X at Comchatka in Aluetian islands
0:22:07 TV commercial on zero gravity, www.ready,gov
0:22:30 Comet alignments, orbit diagram JPL
0:25:10 Feb. 27, 2010 6.04AU Chili 8.8, axis tilt
0:26:20 Sep. 04, 2010 6.25AU ChristChurch 7.2
0:27:00 Mar.11, 2011 2.05AU Japan 9.0 axis tilt
0:27:50 Elenin is HCN Hydrogen cyanide, store energy
0:28:00 Hopi prophecy blue star, red star, purification
0:29:50 Aug. 26, 2011 alignment
0:30:00 Aug. 31, 2011 Elenin visible to naked eye
0:30:50 Sep. 5/6, 2011 Elenin 0.85AU Blue like sun
0:31:32 Sep. 11, 2011 Elenin very bright, perigee, perihelion
0:32:56 Sep. 26, 2011 Elenin 0.39AU catastrophic alignment, 3 days of darkness
0:33:56 Sep. 29/30 Feast of Trumpets, rapture?
0:35:00 Oct. 17, 2011 Elenin 0.32AU closest to earth, 12-15 Richter?
0:35:35 Nov. 2-7, 2011 Earth thru asteroid tail of Elenin
0:36:30 Dec. 12, 2012 Elenin last alignment
0:38:00 Swiss franc design Leonard Euler 1770 Elenin orbit shown
0:45:13 Deep Impact occult movie 1998, Black Pres.,ELE comet
0:52:40 The Knowing occult movie, Gulf oil spill
0:53:35 Dr. Brown of Calif. Inst. Tech. discovers 10th planet
0:54:09 Hopi pagan prophecy, purification red cochina
0:55:05 Jesus casts out demons, before appointed time
0:58:56 Mayan prophecy, Dr. Carl Calleman, Mar.9, 2011 to 28 Oct. 2011
1:00:16 Niburu, So. Pole telescope 2008, earth-bound
1:01:45 Coordinates: 5h53m27s, -6, 10, 58
1:02:41 Google Sky, Orion belt, cropped area on map
1:04:29 Worldwide Telescope, Niburu above Orion belt
1:06:12 Google Sky, brown dwarf star?
1:07:20 Hubble repaired, IR added to see Niburu
1:08:30 Constellation Leo, near Mercury
1:09:12 Niburu best view in Leo
1:10:00 Virgo, IR cropped area
1:10:45 How to use Google Sky, Mercury, IR mode
1:12:15 Job 9:9, Job 38:31 Orion, Pleadies
1:13:15 Psalm 19, heavens declare, lights in firmament
1:14:36 The Star of Bethlehem DVD, Jesus born Sep. 11, 3BC Feast of Trumpets
1:15:45 Rev. 12:1-6, woman clothed with Sun, crown 12 stars,
            Male child, rod iron, dragon waits to devour, 1260 days wilderness
1:17:12 Lord's Feast Days, appointments moeds, Yom Teruah
1:17:48 Feast of Trumpets, Sep. 29/30, 2011
1:18:03 Stellarium software, view comet Elenin c/2010 X1
1:19:00 Go to F. of Trumpets, constellation Virgo, Sun blocked 3 days
1:20:00 Rev. 12:1 Great sign in heaven
1:22:49 Venus in womb of Virgo
1:23:00 Saturn (Cronos) waits to devour child because of jealousy
            Clothed in Sun, moon at her feet, head crowned 12 stars
1:26;00 Virgo cries out in pain giving birth
1:26:30 Venus exits womb of Virgo
1:27:00 Rapture is soon!