Robert Belanger (3 Aug 2011)
"A Sermon For Our Times"

Dear Doves,
The sermon at the link below speaks of Christ weeping over Jerusalem. It says a lot about the meaning of human crying and of tears. Some on this website are familiar with the gift of compunction (described in my other message for today to Lynn) and how it is evidence of a sincere spirituality based on the teachings of Christ.
I recommend this sermon, especially in these times of the end. We need to ask ourselves if we can feel the sorrow that Christ felt over the many that will be condemned to hell because of their unbelief. Let us pray sincerely for the conversion of these souls before it is too late for them to repent and turn to Christ for forgiveness.
Let us all make a special effort in these times to trust completely in God's directions for the remainder of our lives. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and let the Holy Spirit direct you into His paths. (Prov. 3:5-6)