Robert Belanger (3 Aug 2011)
"To Lynn"

Dear Lynn,
You are definitely not alone. We here at Five Doves, and many, many others as well, who do not know of you, also stand with you. Truly the days are dwindling that we have to endure this trying, waiting time. Your intense physical reaction to the price He paid for our redemption is your gift--do not look any further.
Your wrote, “During worship, it seems I am the only one with tears streaming down my face, puffy red eyes, sniffling to hold back the mucus from dripping from my nose.” What a beautiful sentence of love, praise and honor to our dear Saviour! I am absolutely certain that He appreciates and treasures every drop of tears you shed for Him!
Regarding your gift, the sincerity and true grief that you describe is able like nothing else to touch many who have never fully realized what it meant for the Son of God to descend from heaven and move about in a human body for the express purpose of taking on the sins of the world and the death sentence that it required from a sinless person, the lamb of God.
Dear Lynn, in my opinion, being familiar with lives of some of the saints of the early Church, you have been given the vision into His suffering and pain as no one else I have ever known, in person or the Internet. It is a great gift, Lynn, and like the saints of earlier generations, I am certain it will qualify you for special rewards in heaven. May God strengthen you and sanctify you! I pray your grief will touch many who will turn to Him in commiseration for His atoning life and death.
Lynn, even as I write this message to you, my eyes are over-flowing with tears, as I realize, along with your words, the price that had to be paid. I too join with you in being so very grateful for the suffering that Jesus took on for me, and indeed the whole world. But you know I probably would not be in this tearful state of realization if you had not taken the time and made the effort to write about your personal experiences so beautifully.
Hang in there, Lynn, it won’t be too long, I think, until the trumpet sounds. In the meantime, ask for the strength to continue the witnessing that few are asked to provide in these last, evil days.
P.S. I did not see the film The Passion of The Christ and I suppose you probably skipped it too for similar and more intense reasons. I watched the trailer and it made me feel so terrible that I could not bear to watch any more of it. The suffering and pain that was imposed on Jesus by the brutal Roman soldiers could not, in my opinion, have been any greater. And He bore it all for our sakes without a word of complaint. Hopefully, that film made some unsaved people turn to Jesus for His gift of salvation.

With love,