Robert Belanger (24 Aug 2011)
"What is the Next Big Event?"

Dear Doves,

This message is intended to spark your interest in reading Isaiah Chapter 17 carefully in light of the importance it appears to have for anyone interested in knowing the events of the seven year Tribulation period. The information provided here is for general consideration, for your use, given all other information on this subject.

From Lyn Mize’s Firstfruits web site (, the following information is given as an exegesis of Isaiah Chapter 17. Isaiah 17 describes events during the 7 years of Tribulation. In Semitic style, an overview is given first, followed by the details.

The meaning for us appears to be that the next big event we can expect, that will end the age of Grace, is the destruction of Damascus, followed shortly thereafter by the Firstfruits rapture of the Church.

Overview of Isaiah 17:
Isaiah 17:1 The city of Damascus is destroyed, probably by a nuclear explosion.
Isaiah 17:2 Northern Jordan and Aroer flee from the radioactive dust cloud.
Isaiah 17:3 The Firstfruits rapture of the Church takes place.
Isaiah 17:4 The last 3.5 yrs of Tribulation are time of Jacob’s Trouble.
Isaiah 17:5 The Main Harvest rapture happens at mid-Tribulation.
Isaiah 17:6 Those left behind after the Main Harvest rapture.

What Happens to the Church
Isaiah 17:7 Damascus destroyed, Firstfruits rapture, Christians left attend to spiritual matters.
Isaiah 17:8 Church turns away from pagan rituals and celebrations.
Isaiah 17:9 Church denominational organizations fall apart.

What Happens to Jews
Isaiah 17:10 Israel produces agricultural crops from deserts.
Isaiah 17:11 Israel is ruin in last 3.5 yrs of Tribulation.

What Happens to Gentiles
Isaiah 17:12 Gentiles use nuclear weapons and cause great harm to world.
Isaiah 17:13 Gentile nations face God’s rebuke.
Isaiah 17:14 Gentiles nations are destroyed by God’s wrath.
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