Robert Belanger (23 Aug 2011)
"Re: Little David on Judgment Seat of Christ (Bema)"

Dear David Little and Other Doves,

Anyone studying the Judgment Seat of Christ based on the Word of God should read the following article at
That article shows how the judgment is only for Christians and will entail both rewards and punishments.

I believe the nature of the judgments should not be ignored or distorted. It will be a time of significant terror for those who have walked in their spiritual salvation by grace without doing works motivated by the Holy Spirit.

Eternal salvation is not the issue. The salvation obtained by grace by faith in Jesus and His finished work on our behalf at Calvary is forever secure. However, the salvation of our soul, as distinct from our spirit, is the issue at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Please read the article linked above and de die for yourself what this judgment will be about and  what you need to do now to prepare. There is still time left, but not much.




The article appears at

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