Robert Belanger (22 Aug 2011)
"2011 - 2012 May Be Eventful"

From the book The Language of God in Prophecy by Helena Lehman:

Pg 67 per Psalm 110 year 2010 is year before Tribulation
Pg 117 per Psalm 117 year 2017 is final year of Tribulation
Pg 170 per Great Step in Great Pyramid year 2010 is year before start of Tribulation
Pg 329,334,335,337,338,343 Tribulation begins in 2011
Pg 344 rapture in 2011 or 2012

From the book Earthquake Resurrection by David Lowe:

Pg 109 70th week of Daniel begins after opening 6th Seal
Pg 109 major worldwide earthquake at resurrection of dead in Christ

From the book Red Moon Rising by Peter D. Goodgame:

Pg 128 resurrection of dead and rapture just before 6th Seal events

The three books mentioned are excellent reading for these last days. It will be interesting to see if these events occur according to the above references.