Robert Belanger (19 Aug 2011)
"Re: Sandra - America Has Turned A Corner On Homosexuality"


Thank you for posting the article by Daymond Duck on homosexuality and it's relationship to the times of Lot and now. Clearly, by the total destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, God showed that He does not accept the gay lifestyle as an alternative to the lifestyle He created for the purpose of procreation in the setting of a heterosexual family setting.

Your point concerning the destruction of not only the homosexual practitioners but also those that stand by and support their lifestyle, is appropriate for everyone to remember. We are judged by not only our actions, but also our thoughts, according to the words of Jesus.

It is past the time for many in the government, liberal churches and educational establishments to heed the warning of God to flee from the sinful gay lifestyle. These may seem like harsh words to some, but they are the true message that God wants us to hear in His word. We do not get to tell God what He should accept. It is His creation and He makes all the rules. Period.