Robert Belanger (1 Aug 2011)
"Prayer for Lynn"

Dear Lynn,

Your message was very sad to read. To cry so much is so difficult to bear. Like St. Paul, you are burdened with a continual sorrow and heaviness in your heart (Rom. 9:1-2). Lynn, I am truly sorry to hear of your experience. May God intercede and bring you lasting peace and comfort which He promises to those who keep focused on Him because they trust in Him (Isa. 26:3)

Yes, Lynn, these are difficult and depressing times. So many are ignoring the signs that were prophesied to come in these last days and they are ignorant of, or ignore, the suffering and eternal darkness that they will soon be facing. Truly, a horrible future awaits the unsaved when the Church is taken away from the world and rises to meet the Lord in the air (1 Thess. 4:13-18). Until then, we are told to comfort ourselves with the hope of His return.

I wish I could be with you and give you a big hug. It probably would be of little comfort, but it may be all anyone can do for someone, like yourself, who appears crushed by the realization of the great tragedy that awaits so many dear people who have no interest in salvation. Indeed, some may believe they have no sin nature and do not even need salvation. Such is the condition brought about by the evil Adversary, Lucifer, and his fallen angels. (Eph. 6:12-17)

Do not be discouraged or fearful at this late time in the race. Realize there is only so much you can do. Continue to pray for everyone and ask God to open their spiritual eyes before it is too late. But do not let your hope and expectations be damaged in any way by the lack of faith in those around you. Pray for the Holy Spirit to find those lost souls before it is too late.


I know I can speak for all the believers at Five Doves when I say, hang in there, Lynn, for surely brighter days are coming. You will soon have all your tears wiped away and will shout for joy, knowing at last the intense light and love that Jesus brings to those that love Him, as you surely do. Do not doubt His promises. He will preserve you forever. (Rev. 7:17, 21:4; Psalms 40:8-13)




May God in His immense love and mercy bring you the peace and comfort that will take away your tears and replace them with a deep and lasting  contentment that only He can bring to His dear children.


With love, hoping to see you soon,