Rick N (20 Aug 2011)
"re: "The irony of those quoting "No man knows the day or the hour""

Greeting John and all my brother and sister Doves,

I believe, and have believed for many years now, that the scripture “No man knows the day nor the hour” has nothing to do with the return of Jesus for the church (the rapture) or his second coming as the King of kings.  Rather take a good look at the scripture immediately before these famous words…


(Mat 24:35-36)


Vs 35:  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.


Then the thought continues….


Vs 36:  But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.


Consider this, will Heaven and earth pass away at the rapture?  No.


Will Heaven and earth pass away when Jesus returns as King?  No. 


When will Heaven and earth pass away?  No one knows. 


Why all the confusion?  In my Bible,  there is a big sub heading between these verses.  I contend that these verses obviously go together, otherwise that word “But” at the start of verse 36 would not be there. ( I don't know if all Bibles do that, but I wouldn't be surprised.)


When people tell me that the Bible says we can’t know the “day and hour” my response is, it doesn’t say that and then I have them open their Bibles and prove it to them by pointing out verse 35 and breaking it down for them.   I like to use their Bibles if I can.   Now I know that Jesus knew that there were multiple time zones and and at least 2 different days at the same time on earth, even so, there is an appointed time for our being snatched out of here.  Do I know when that time will be?  Sadly, no, but I sure would like to <grin>.  I have made my own guesses in the past and they were wrong! 


So being in agreement with Michael Hopp in his comments here ,it would seem to me that there is no contradiction between Jesus telling us to watch for Him and “no man knoweth” when Heaven and earth pass away.


Using Jim Bramlett’s short study,  Shalom! To all my brothers and sisters on the Doves.  And by the way, thanks John, for letting God use you this way. Keep up the good work!