Ray Schulz (9 Aug 2011)
"Planet X, Underground Bunkers And The Gog Invasion"

To the Five Doves,
According to Ezekiel 38:18-20, the prophesied Gog invasion of Israel will be accompanied by a great shaking, both in the land of Israel and over the face of the whole earth.  In His wrath God will initiate two simultaneous catastrophes: an invasion of Israel, and a great shaking of the earth that will throw down mountains and steep places and bring down every wall to the ground.  Could both of these events happen in the next few weeks? 

There are two current forces that seem to be working toward that end: (1) the UN Security Council push to divide the land of Israel in order to create an independent Palestinian state; and (2) the close encounter of a large celestial body with Earth in the coming weeks.  Yes, there is a large celestial body headed our way; that is why the nations have been digging underground bunkers and bases for years.

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Ray Schulz

Look Up! Ministries