Ray Schulz (12 Aug 2011)
"Elenin and Nibiru: The Two Riders of The Pale Horse"


To the Five Doves,

Thanks to a recent Five Doves posting by Diane Gilbert about a new and detailed study of Elenin and Nibiru, a number of mysteries concerning these celestial bodies have been cleared up.  In case you missed it, that study can be found here:


I thought the following information from the study was very useful:

- Elenin and Nibiru are two different celestial bodies.

- Elenin is a comet, but Nibiru is a much larger body.

- Both objects are following practically the same path, but Elenin will arrive first and Nibiru will arrive later: up to 2 years later.

This new information provided the keys I needed to identify the two riders of the pale horse of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:8).  I believe Elenin corresponds to the first rider, "Death," and Nibiru corresponds to "Hell," the second rider of the pale horse.

Some other interesting observations emerged from this exercise.  You can read about the details in my new article, Elenin and Nibiru, The Two Riders of The Pale Horse at:


Amen, come soon Lord Jesus,



Ray Schulz
Look Up! Ministries