Randy (9 Aug 2011)
"Discovery Channel TV show: CURIOSITY.  Anybody see it?? And Next Week's Topic IS....."

New TV Series......Sundays, 8pm, est.
First epsiode:  "Did God Creat the Universe?"  
Hosted by Stephen Hawking.
UGH!!  Hawking made his case for "there is no need for God" .... in a Universe that created itself.
AND, there was a 30 minute show afterward hosted by David Gregory of Meet the Press (Pretty high-profile moderator!!)  with 2 scientists and 1 Theologian.
In those 90 minutes, I felt like God was "on trial" in a national debate.  And, as usual, God was found "irrelevant."
What's amazing, is that I always found myself asking the question that went one step beyond Hawking's point.....something like "Well, if the big bang happened all by itself and out of the blue......WHAT CAUSED THAT TO HAPPEN????"   And "If the big bang came from a mass that was really small and really really dense......what caused that to be there in the first place?"
A question about miracles was brought up durring the after-discussion....and this was my thought.
If the God who created the universe wanted to change the laws of physics, I'm sure He COULD do that any time he wanted to!
Example:  Raising people from the Dead.  Jesus, or others.
Example:  When Jesus walked on water....God had to change physics for that to happen, too.
"Is the earth prepared for an Alien Invasion?"
Who's curious about that?  It isn't on MY radar screen!!??
Stuff like that starts to make me think about becoming a "fan" about UFO's !!!  
But then, the presumption is this:
Well...we've all heard this....
WHEN the Rapture happens......those in power and left behind will blame the Rapture on some form of Allien Abduction.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... makes you think the Rapture just HAS TO BE VERY VERY NEAR.....doesn't it??