Randy (31 Aug 2011)
"2 GREAT Powerpoints on The Tribulation and the Importance of ISRAEL"

Importance of ISRAEL
The Tribulation
EXCELLENT Powerpoints by Daymond Duck.
they lead you through ALL the IMPORTANT points about where we are NOW on God's Prophetic Timeline.....and WHY, according to the Bible.
My comments from the slides:
1) He makes a GREAT analysis of Japan's stand with the Palestinians......just before their big earthquake.
and IF that was THEIR immediate judgement, then
2) What lies ahead for the US and the World's countries as the Palestinians go before the UN in September to claim their rights....with the support of all/almost all of the nations of the world??
Judgement could be BIG and SWIFT.
He concludes along the way...
1) when the Tribulation period is NEAR, those who mistreat Israel will reap what they sow.
2) Every effort to harm Israel will backfire and
3) God's guiding principle will be to do to Israel's enemies what they try to do to Israel.
He, and others like WATCH.org, have made the analysis that there has already been judgement in the United States each time the U.S. attempted to make Israel give up their land...for peace.  That judgement has been in the form of natural disasters...again and again.
Anyway....excellent powerpoints to view.