Randy (17 Aug 2011)
"Stock market Tech Analysis: The "Death Cross" showing up everywhere. ???"

In the world of investments and stock markets, charts can mean ALOT.  It's called Technical Analysis. Here is an article about something called "The Death Cross."  That's when the 200 day moving average "crosses" over the 50 day moving average.   Could this be telling us the stock market is in for a further move down??
Chart forS&P 500 INDEX,RTH (^GSPC)
The title caught my eye:  "Death Cross Showing up Everywhere."
Hmmmmmmm.........  Catchy title!!
BTW, the reverse of this is called "The GOLDEN Cross"  and is a favorable technical sign, of an UP market.
Interesting names......time will tell.
I feel like this market is like the one in 1987.  The market topped in August, 1987.....and then got clobbered in October.  Hmmmmm...
Tick Tock....YFIC,